WarParty 2019

What to Expect

Lunch and dinner will be provided. Pizza from Mama Deluca's and 2 liters of assorted soda will be available. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks, space will be provided in the refrigerator to keep things cold. Paper plates and napkins are also available to keep things clean.

Power strips will be available at each table. Assume you will have two outlets available, but there may be more once everyone is plugged in. Network connections will be provided via an 8 port switch at each table with ethernet cables available at each station. There is a 1Gbps internet connection available and the full bandwidth is available to all party-goers.

Couch and recliner seating is available for TV viewing and potentially VR gaming.

A restroom is available for all to use.

What to Bring

❗ Essential

❕ Suggested

How to Prepare

Join the 🔗 Discord server and start chatting with participants!

Take the time to download any games listed on the 🎮 Games page before leaving your house. The internet at WarParty is fast but it can be burdened if no one comes prepared.

Clean your computer out ahead of time, there is a dust vacuum available if you cannot do this yourself.

Bring a resealable water bottle for your drinks, being able to put a lid on will help protect yours and others computers and keyboards.