WarParty 2019

What is WarParty?

WarParty is an annual LAN party where friends gather to hang out and game together on PC. 2019 will be the 3rd official year it has taken place. Games of all sorts are played, with the focus being battle royale and other first person shooters. Purchased games, free to play, and shared games are played. We also have a list of 🎮 Games you can check ahead of time. Food and drinks are usually plenty, with party favors and booze welcome as well. Keep in mind there is limited parking and if you wish to stay the night arrangements must be made ahead of time. Two TVs will occupy the gaming area this year, with popular game streamers broadcasts being shown and the option to play retro and casual games on them. Pizza will be ordered from 🔗 Mama Deluca's in the afternoon, if you have special requests feel free to place your own orders or place a request ahead of time.

When will it happen?

This year's gathering will be held on July 13th. The day begins at 09:00 and will go on until 21:00. How long you spend setting up your station is up to you, but there is a 📆 Schedule we plan to adhere to as best we can. If you show up late or a little early we won't hold it against you.

Is there an entry fee?

Getting into WarParty is easy and does not cost anything but a few moments of your time. The 🔗 Numero Set transaction system will be used for participants to make an account and gain entry.

Learn more about Numero, claiming a seat, and bringing a guest at the 🎫 Particpate link.

Who will be there?

Anyone who has made a Numero account and performed their participation transaction will be added to the tournament rosters as well as given the opportunity to then invite guests of their own to join Numero and also gain entry.

It is likely many will not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts and in that case people playing from their own homes will be able join us in-game and in-chat throughout most of the day.

Where do I go?

WarParty will take place at the same house again this year, but we hope that soon we will have a dedicated space in the cities with lots of floor room and much more table space. A map will be added below, with Google Maps and Bing Maps links as well. The residential address will be added closer to the date of the event.