Scoop is a command line installer for Windows, akin to a CLI form of Ninite or PatchMyPC, similar to Chocolatey. The repo can be found here: lukesampson/scoop.

I have my own wiki entry for this as well with info about some initial setup steps that can be taken: WarWiki.

Custom PC Enthusiasts

I started a small Facebook group focused on custom computers which eventually became it's own forum and Discord server.
Find it here - cpce.group

Vahr.us URL Shortener

I created vahr.us for personal use. It is powered by YOURLS. I plan to thoroughly theme and distinguish the site's appearance from the default.

Hello World

Welcome to WarBlog, this is the personal microblog of Cody Warmbo. I'll likely be posting tech, anime, and ramblings! If that sounds fun, I don't know what's wrong with you.