I'd totally forgotten about the amount of time that can be poured into this game. I've gone from playing The Division 2... to Minecraft... why?

In the end I'll probably build an entire city, try a new plugin that breaks the server, and forget about it for a year or two again.

Crontab Generator

A neat resource I found: Crontab Generator.
I also found out that VIM is still annoying, so make sure to EDITOR=nano crontab -e to change the user Cronjobs!


I think I have found the case of my dreams... The Cerberus X by Sliger.

This things looks beastly and refined. Plus it supports full ATX boards! I wish the price-tag wasn't so exorbitant but I guess it's niche enough to deserve it.

Another one for the wishlist I guess.


Being a dad is stressful when you're sick and suffering from messed up blood sugar levels all day. Luckily my kid is ridiculously cute and pats ME on the back when I need it.

Markin' Down

This is me just testing the Markdown features of my blog.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

BOLD or Italics are always nice.

Don't quote me.

Beep boop beep